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    Grant Types

    Operating Grants: stable funding to enable long-term planning

    Project Grants: funding for one-time projects, series of events or extended programming

    Equity Grants: support programs by and for communities facing significant collective barriers to accessing funding

    Incubator Grants: supports the development of new and emerging arts organizations

    IDEA Grants: fund non-arts organizations to develop arts projects and events


    To be eligible for our grants, applicants must:

    • be a registered non-profit organization (or partnered with one for Equity Grants)
    • based in and presenting in one of the jurisdictions supporting CRD Arts & Culture


    flow chart of a grant application journey: staff review applications for eligibility and completeness, the applications are then passed to the Arts Advisory Council (a group of volunteer representatives) review applications and give their recommendations on how grants should be distributed. Recommendations are then approved by the arts commission. Applicants receive the results 10 weeks after the grant deadline.A CRD Arts grant application journey

    All applications for CRD Arts & Culture grants are reviewed and adjudicated by a group of volunteer citizen representatives—the Arts Advisory Council (AAC). Staff work with the AAC to ensure that adjudication teams reflect the diversity of applicants, sometimes bringing in guest adjudicators.